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So far we have Ben Lerer, Cofounder and CEO of Thrillist.com and Naveen Selvadurai, Cofounder of Foursquare sharing their own little slices of insight on how spontaneity and passion collide to create something bigger than themselves.

We love this interview series, but know what we’d love more? A chance to personally sit down with some of these individuals and ask them our questions- not just watch others interview these awesome people.  In comes EpicRise, again. What we’re actually giving you (no almost about it) is an all-access pass to unreachable opportunities. You compete with your fellows in fun, social challenges that are unique to each exceptional experience. You win the challenge and you win the experience. It’s just that simple.

You could cold call a company and invite the CEO to coffee. Youcould write letter after letter, list accomplishment after accomplishment, and struggle to stand out from the crowd. Or you could do EpicRise. 

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